iSBS - i Space Battle ship

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iSBS - i Space Battle ship
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New game is Available on the App store.
In year 3xxx, the blue planet was conquering with the great empire call “Machinacal Empire”. After several years passed we have a new hope that can fight with the empire with the space battle ship outlaw is Space pirate. 

Our hope to free form the Machinacal Empire and live in harmony again is in your hand. Please save use form suffering time. Pirate 

The amazing 2D shoots them up game. Old school plat former fans won't want to miss today's iOS arcade game spotlight. Use your force and your controller skill to survive in space adventure and fight with high tech enemies to save mankind destiny. 
Let’ adventure together. 

App title: iSBS : I Space battle ship 
Compatible Devices: iPod touch 5, iPhone5 
Language: English 
Support touch screen joypad such as fling mini , Thumbies , and Arcade-Stick

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